What lesson do you have for shaping a brand in the future?

“Understand that brand is inherently a co-created psychological phenomena. Brand is not your identity, its a shared identity; it is not the story you tell, it is the stories others tell; it is not a relationship, it is a network of relationships.”

Merlin Duff
C Space // Venturethree

“Find a simple single strategy, solution, brand purpose and stick to it.”

Louise Cohen

“Modifying how you work and collaborative mindsets and behaviours.”

Bryan Rhoads

“If you aren't of a curious disposition? Forget it. Go home. Everyone else will win.”

Uni of Greenwich

“In an age where people are just learning to hold corporations, organizations and others accountable for their actions, brands need to take notice and understand that they must provide a transparent narrative for their actions. Otherwise, the populous will define the narrative in the most negative light and will discredit their behavior and actions as dishonest or harmful. If this is true, corporations like McDonald's, Allstate, BofA and many others will pay heavy cost in the long run to repair their reputat”

Nick Rich
Enrich Enterprises, Inc

“Ensure your brand has talkability and let your customers do your best marketing for you.”

Andrew Bloch
Frank PR

“The old rules of how to build a brand don't apply because new technology will force pivots of new behavior. A brand that settles into one vertical or niche will be left behind if that vertical literally goes away and the brand is left standing with no alternative offerings. Think Kodak, Blockbuster, Tower Records, etc.”

Geoffrey Colon

“Keep asking. Keep listening. Keep learning. Take risks, but stay true to the heart of your brand. The people that feel the love for you do so for a reason. Know what that reason is and keep doing more of it, and do it better.”

Barbara Cormie
Macmillan Cancer Support

“Ensure data is at the heart of EVERYTHING”

Emma Stevens

“Focus on the problem you're solving not just the answer you're interested in realising. In today's complex and inter-related world, it's too easy to confuse the two.”

Mark Di Somma
Strategist, The Audacity Group

“A brand more than ever is in the minds of people and done through actions more than advertising. So today brands need to focus more on what they do versus what they say, in particular how you handle customer service / customer experience. Your social media strategy should not be to have well performing pictures, it should be to ensure that people have such a good experience of your company, that they want to evangelize on your behalf. ”

Tom Goodwin
Zenith USA

“Brands are work in progress - an "always beta" version. Shaping a brand for the future makes you anticipate patterns creating landmarks and metaphors with a personal touch, mastering the details, empowering the sense of harmony and integration in a fluid process through which creative branding concepts evolve.”

Christian Saracco
Allegro 234

“Always sweat the small stuff. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.”

Tilly Waterworth
Ted Baker

“Some product categories and brands are increasingly likely to have finite lifespans. Sometimes they are best consigned to history...especially when the brand and product are impossible to separate.”

Martin Rickenback

“Never think of your brand as finished, always treat it as a work in progress.”

Paul Bailey
We Launch

“Listen to your customer (really listen to them!) Think long term, don't just think in the now - customer of the future?”

Katie Demetrio

“Brands are nowadays all about the "experience" around them and this experience is a living thing that evolves with the context and the people interacting with it.”

Carlos Arturo

“Fix problems for people”

Dan Kirby
MD @ Techdept

“Having a corporate voice that defines your culture is important. Holding true to your brand and not trying to be everything to everyone, appreciate that your clients will like you because you have something different to offer in comparison to your competition and through creating a strong brand this message can be conveyed passively and targeted. Also in small companies outsourcing to experts is critical to ensure success. Know your strength and know when to get in external help”

Amy Shortman

“Always think beyond the product or service. No one buys it for its features or benefits but for the value it represents to himself/herself. Always experiment, always innovate, keep on changing, the world is doing so and you have too!”

Julita Davies

“Be friendly. Play nicely. Listen closely. Help people. Do good things. Accept that you can't control everything. But always try to do the right thing. Be about more than just the money. ”

Dan Cresta

“Listen to your audience, what are they worried about? Trust and transparency are the two biggest consumer issues so these should be most important things for brands in the immediate future.”

Kevin Gannon
Crunch Communications

“When it comes to brand building, not that much is different. The centuries old time tested thinking is pretty much 95 percent correct still, we should mainly focus on the 95 percent that has changed more than the endless discussions on the 5 percent that has.”

Tom Goodwin
Zenith USA

“Listen, Listen, Listen first. Talk to customers. Employees. Future customers. Future employees. Fanboys, haters. Get to the essence of what is valued. Get an idea of what the value exchange would be. Take it all in and then make a bold, confident, big jump along the trajectory you have been seeing. Stretch the brand, push it out a little beyond what people find comfortable. Repeat organically for a future-facing, living brand.”

Felix David Koch
C Space

“Stop blowing your own horn and actually listen.”

Pippa Fisher

“Your logo is not your brand.”

Antony Northcutt

“Always ask yourself why- why does your brand exist, why does your customer resonate with you, why is your product successful or indeed not. Why gives a good backbone to the what, where and who.”

Gabriella Neumann

“Data driven strategy understanding consumer behaviour online and being able to deliver a personalised experience.”

Kalpana Jayaram
Mapp Digital

“Frame it as a force for good for people.”

Dean Taylor

“Society, consumer tastes, consumer needs are all evolving and brands need to remain vigilant that they're evolving their offering, their posture, their products and services accordingly. And their messaging. To use a (pithy) example NIKE built stand-alone retail destinations when that environment became critical to deliver a true brand experience. Now NIKE has to evolve to delivering the same personalized service via a 3-D printing line of code (extreme example) but a reflection of how an evolving society r”

Hilton Barbour
Marketing Provocateur

“Put the customer at the heart of everything you do. Every decision, every detail. Adapt to their every need, desire and expectation before they even know it themselves. Use data and insight to inform and back up.”

Claire Holden
Ted Baker

“Be very clear on who you aren't as well as who you are! The focus will help people know why they should choose you. ”

Jill Pringle
Director Focused Propositions

“By all means develop a strategy around purpose, but only if you are willing to back it up by understanding 2 things. 1) How you plan to measure/report progress. 2) How your strategy becomes real through actual experiences.”

Tim Burley
Strategic Director, Believe in

“Brands with a bright future will focus more on the gift (the value provided) than the gift wrap (the marketing communication). A well branded gift delivers experiences that save people time and helps people enjoy time. We measure value with time, and time is the one human resource that cannot be replenished. Improve the quality of the day to create the foundation for a durable brand.”

Dan Wallace

“Watch the flags, as scenario-planner and author Clem Sunter would say. Many have mentioned environmental shifts already and I believe the concept of 'flag-watching' is what will help keep a brand relevant for the long run. Of course, you have to first define and choose what global flags are relevant and measurable to your specific brand.”

Keryn House
Marketing Consultant

“Think big!”

Anna Kaarow

“For me it's about knowing who you want to serve and then serving them to the best of your ability. Marketing is about reaching those people and speaking to them in the language and the way they want, at the time and how they want. It goes beyond just branding and logo creation, and deep into what those customers want. It's less about making assumptions from your desk, and getting out there and mixing with them. Walking their walk, and empathising how they feel in that given moment. I know there is a myriad ”

Zoe Langman

“87 percent of brand's memorability is through a millennials eye.”

Iain Noakes
The Economist

“Today brands need to focus more on what they do versus say... that would minimize a lot of the crap factor in advertising and messaging!”

Nancy Carroll
Strategist / Writer

“We at Ghurka believe that brand is first and foremost defined by product. Successfully communicating both the physical experience of that product and the emotional connection that people have to that product through words and images is what we strive for in marketing. Staying true to the essence of the product is what we strive for in branding. Establishing a core set of company values helps our employees to communicate with customers in a way that embodies the spirit of the brand and allows us to maintain”

Justin Sellman

“Know your customer! Have a clear identity. Stay true to yourself.”

Lloyds Banking Group

“Brands are going back to basics, becoming strategic platforms, talking the language of business, looking for sustainable growth, creating long lasting value!”

Cristian Saracco
Founding Partner, Allegro 234

“Branding is making believers out of customers. While customers are a part of your brand, your brand is a part of your believers”

Victory Dickson
CEO, Brands Experience

“Channels change. Brand building doesn't. Deal with it.”

Rob Estreitinho
Senior Strategist @ VCCP

“Don't try to please everyone, you'll be more bland than brand. Instead, focus on what makes you stand out from the crowd and shout about it from the rooftops.”

Simon White
Formation London

“Keep it real”

Ketan Mistry

“Just focus on addressing the need and serving the client with heart!”

Annette Reid-Antigua
Sales & Strategy/SwarmSales

“Think of your brand as a system of meanings, designing and evolving the relationships between the elements not the elements themselves.”

Martin Silcock
Coventry University

“Know your customer and involve them in shaping your 'brand'.”

Laura Mallaber
Laura Mallaber

“Ask 100 people, "What is a Brand?" and you'll get 100 different answers. The solid truth is that Brands are belief systems. Design a belief system and the marketing comes free.”

Patrick Hanlon
Primal Branding

“A brand of tomorrow in essence will be the same as today. It will just be more difficult to manage. More channels. More reach. More data. More stuff.”

Ryan Sales
Creative Director / Landscape

“Before shaping it, know your brand. Look to your most ardent fans. Who are your 1,000 best customers and why? What your brand do for them functionally / emotionally / socially? Then augment this hot core with service & content – and communicate & amplify!”

Sami Viitamaki
Executive Director / Havas

“Consumer research actually is right sometime...”

Anna Kaarow

“NEVER waiver from what got you started in the first place. Ever.”

Simon White
Formation London

“Challenge your assumptions, we have all the data we need to build knowledge and deliver meaningful products and experiences.”

Olly Sussams

“Aim for multi-sensory experiences.”

Nick Defty

“Always put the customer at the centre and consider what other brands they interact with, but not just in the immediate competitor set.”

Amy Howarth
The Neon Door

“Don't try to fix everything at once. Focus on incremental improvement. ”

Anna Kaarow

“Create outstanding brand experience by combining ultimate usability with bold branding.”

Marcel von dem Berge
Freelance Brand Strategist

“Always embed your brand in your culture. Employees are THE ambassadors.”

Emma Honeybone

“We are entering the age of Declarative Commerce: More than ever, consumers express themselves through the purchases they make, so they need the brands they buy to wield a point of view. The only thing worse than offending someone is offending no one. ”

Eliot Lippe
Founder at Emotive Commerce

“Nurture the passion and keep it relevant.”

Alistair Williams
The Guardian

“Learn quickly from failure and share.”

Jen Jarda

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